eHorizon brings vehicle tech to CES 2015

eHorizon brings vehicle tech to CES 2015

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Cloud based system is made by Continental

Continental, the company that specializes in smart technologies for transportation vehicles, has announced that they will be at the International Consumer Electronics Show, aka CES 2015, and that they will be showcasing their new cloud based technology called eHorizon. eHorizon is short for electronic horizon and since 2012 has been used with the Scania fleet of moving vehicles and that company has said that the eHorizon technology has saved their company over $60 million in diesel fuel costs.

Continental has come together with IBM in order to bring the cloud based eHorizon to fruition. It is IBM and their Big Data and Analytics department that helps power eHorizon and allows for the service to showcase real time data such as weather and road conditions. eHorizon will have a streaming line of data via the cloud based technology offered from IBM. It will allow for precise up to the minute data which in turn will become a blanket of security for all drivers on the road.

Continental executives say that eHorizon will eventually lead to new technologies with cars and trucks such as powertrain control and driver assistance. If eHorizon detects a traffic jam or bad road conditions ahead, it will automatically slow down the vehicle. This cloud based system will allow for real time data by detecting sensors already located on other vehicles. Scania says that eHorizon helps with cruise control which in turn has been the biggest factor in helping the company save on fuel costs.

Continental is a worldwide force as its interior group is mainly responsible for the eHorizon technology and employs over 32,000 people worldwide and had sales of 6 billion euros during the year of 2013. The total sales in 2013 for Continental was 33.3 billion euros and that was produced by 189,000 worldwide employees in a total of 49 countries.

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