Eleks develops First Apple Watch App for Tesla

Eleks develops First Apple Watch App for Tesla

Eleks Labs

The Apple Watch app developed recently for the Tesla car Model S and both go together like Coke and rum. And Todoist is another team which has also developed another new Apple Watch app.

Most developers have an unmet craving for anything creative or innovative. And if it is even remotely connected to information technology then all the better. That is why the Apple Watch application developed by Eleks Labs just a short while ago went hand in glove with the Tesla Model S, an electric car.

What the application allows on a consistent basis is control of the car and getting stats on the vehicle in no time. The standard procedures connected with the app and the car go smoothly and without any hitch whatsoever.

The Tesla Apple Watch app can be accessed via the WatchKit. As for the Apple Watch, it works in conjunction with the iPhone. But that does not mean that the Apple Watch applications are replacements or substitutes for iOS apps.

They just have a supplementary function and that is about all there is to it. Without an iPhone to mediate between the Apple Watch and the Model S, the Apple Watch is a mere funky gadget that has little if any purpose other than for showing off.

There are still a few kinks that need to be worked out before Apple actually builds an Apple Watch app that is worth its weight in gold. And till the day such an app gets built, everyone will be waiting breathlessly for the new thing from Apple. 

There are various ways you can use the contemporary apps. You can work one from the screen directly. The other one displays cards for the employer’s benefit. As for the third one, it is all about active prompting.

There are many facilities that are not available on the platform for developers. And that is indeed a shame. Thus the Apple Watch and Tesla Car are still a prototypical marriage built on a rickety and ramshackle foundation.

However, as regards the future, things look bright and all the prognostications being made by the technological prophets of doom seem to be so much empty pessimism. Over six screens are there for the functioning of the Watch app at present.

In fact, if you take a closer look, the watch is more beautiful than the car. Small is after all beautiful, as the quotation says it so well. The final design and performance of the app is something which remains in the experimental stage. It is a project under construction. 

Meanwhile, Todoist is another team who has already developed an almost ready-to-ship version of their Apple Watch app. TechCrunch posted a video that show how Todoist’s Apple Watch works. Watch the video below.


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