Elon Musk to Donate a Million Dollars to Nikola Tesla Museum

Elon Musk to Donate a Million Dollars to Nikola Tesla Museum

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Elon Musk is to donate about a million dollars to the Nikola Tesla Museum on the request of ‘The Oatmeal’ creator.

Elon Musk is about to donate close to a million dollars in cash to the Tesla Museum. After a man known to be a master cartoonist, The Oatmeal creator, entreated Elon to donate the necessary money, Elon decided to take him up on his proposal. 

The cartoonist made a cartoonist’s review of the Model S. The cartoonist was responsible for the Oatmeal comic series. In the second half of the Tesla Model S review, The Oatmeal creator “asked Elon Musk to donate toward the completion of a Nikola Tesla Museum,” a project he has been working on since 2012.

And Elon decided to honor Nikola Tesla, the originator of what was to become later on Tesla Motors. He was a Serbian-American man who invented Tesla Motors but diedin 1943 in a New York City hotel room with no money. Elon Musk yesterday tweeted “within a few hours” of posting Nikola Tesla Museum review that he’d be happy to help.

Tesla became 158 years old yesterday, on Thursday. And Elon Musk promised to pledge $1 million on Tesla’s 158th birthday. Elon Musk owns a large part of the company. 

Matthew Inman is the cartoonist who requested Elon, the billionaire, to invest in the museum as well as build a supercharger in the parking lot. 

Inman talked with Musk directly earlier this week. Inman states in his blog that Musk promised two things.

1. He’s going to build a Tesla Supercharger station in the parking lot of the museum.

2. He’s donating $1 million dollars to the museum itself.

The entreaties and requests by ordinary people sometimes tug at the heartstrings of very famous and renowned personalities. This seems to be just what happened in case of Matthew Inman and Elon Musk. 

Actually the original request made by Inman amounted to $8 million which was a little too astronomical. So Elon decided to partially fulfill his promise and he donated the one million dollars to the museum. 

The fact that this time around it is Nikola Tesla’s 158th birthday only corroborates the fact that the occasion called for an input in terms of dollars and cents. 

In the future, people might be able to drive their Tesla cars right into the vicinity of the museum thanks to the supercharger station that Elon has promised he will build in the parking lot of the museum. 

Nikola Tesla had a feud with Thomas Alva Edison in the past. The whole issue was over the type of electricity that was to be the common standard: AC or DC. Ultimately, Edison won the case. 

Nevertheless, Nikola Tesla’s legacy remains extant in the form of Tesla Motors. And the museum is the best there ever was. With Elon Musk as Tesla Motors’ head and owner, the company will see success after success in the future as all of America goes from a fossil-fueled existence to cleaner forms of energy such as electricity. 

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