Energizer introduces EcoAdvanced, the World’s First Recycled AA Battery

Energizer introduces EcoAdvanced, the World's First Recycled AA Battery
  • Energizer EcoAdvanced Battery proves to be the Best

The Energizer EcoAdvanced is the world’s first AA battery made with 4% recycled batteries and longest-lasting alkaline. Energizer EcoAdvanced battery has proved once and for all to be the best energy solution that beats the rest hands down.

What is lean, green and mean in its working capacity? What else but an Energizer EcoAdvanced battery. This is a one of a kind fuel cell by Energizer (think cute pink drum-beating bunny that never gives up) that employs recycled batteries to form its structural functional makeup.

It happens to be the first globally acclaimed AA battery with a very long life. There are AAA batteries too in the mix. The performance of this energy source is at a peak point.

Not only is it eco-friendly but the fact that it produces less waste after being discarded plays into the hands of the environmentalists. This is just the thing the planet needed on an urgent basis.

The battery is a wellspring of positive energy that won’t have any negative effects on the earth’s delicate and fragile ecosystem. Some very intelligent minds got together and created this battery out of scratch.

The active component in the recipe for this battery was the energy rings. The battery could also stay active for more than a decade which is just hunky dory. 

As a joint venture between many firms and experts, this ecologically sound battery was taken from the drawing board to solid reality. It took lots of work and effort on the part of the team of scientists and engineers to come up with such a miracle of science and technology.

The AA batteries will have at least 4% used materials in their interior structure. And they will pollute the environment 7% less than other brands which is a relief and a source of solace. Costing about five bucks for a pack, the batteries will not create any problems when they are utilized in everyday operations such as within remote controls or in side table clocks.

They are truly green, clean, lean and mean (but in a good way). Most alkaline batteries get thrown away in landfills after their date of expiry has passed. It is precisely from such treasure troves of what would otherwise appear to be trash that these batteries are made in cookie cutter fashion.

We are definitely at a turning point in our history not only with regard to our culture but also as regards our material means of survival. Such alternative sources of energy as biogas, wind power, solar energy and cheap renewable synergetic forces will be the wave of the future. And the Energizer EcoAdvanced Battery will also be a part of that future.  


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