ESO Early Access Starts 3/30, Last Chance For 20% Off Pre-Order

ESO Early Access Starts 3/30, Last Chance for 20% Off Pre-Order

Get The Elder Scrolls Online for 20% off before early access starts.

MMO and Elder Scrolls fans alike /4/be eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s early head start for The Elder Scrolls Online, which for those that have bought the Imperial Edition starts as early as Sunday, March 30th at 7AM Eastern Time.

If you still haven’t jumped the gun, there is a solid 20% off coupon both editions of The Elder Scrolls Online to entice you:

Use coupon PLOCVS-G2T5YX-DATY6M for the two deals below:

Note: coupon above expires on Monday 3/31 at 11AM ET.
The early head start schedule for each edition is:
  • 5 day head start on Imperial: March 30th at 7AM ET
  • 3 day head start on Standard: April 1st at 7AM ET
Beyond the head start (which starts in a few more hours on 3/30/14), pre-ordering before the 4/4/14 release date will get you access to the Scuttler Vanity Pet along with the “Explorer Pack.” 


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