Facebook and Instagram Down for Awhile but Back Now

Facebook and Instagram Down for Awhile but Back Now

Facebook, Instagram and Tinder were down for awhile but are okay now. The disruption was possibly caused by a hacking incident.

All addicts of social online media were in for a lull. The sites that included Instagram, Tinder and Facebook were down for approximately an hour or so. And during that period in time, those who were positively hooked on the services had to resort to other fixes such as talking to friends and family on phone, books, conversations face to face or finally just going out for a jaunt.

Of course, north-easterners didn’t have the option of going out due to the blizzard that was raging in NYC and its environs. However, all was not lost since SnapChat was still functional. That meant the paralysis was only partial.

“We’re aware of an outage affecting Instagram and are working on a fix. Thank you for your patience,” Instagram tweeted. But Instagram has now removed this tweet from its official twitter handle.

Facebook faced a similar outage back in September of last year. And it has also gone off for 15 minutes after that. This time however, it was for an hour and that proved to be too much for all the Facebook junkies.

Some thought the breakdown was due to the blizzard. But it appears to be a case of the Lizard Squad, a group of hackers, being responsible for the down and out status of Facebook and its corollaries.  

Many times it has occurred that sites and whole enterprises have faced chinks in their systems that led to repeated messages by the admin that they were sorry for the inconvenience and that service would resume shortly. This time too it was more of a close call.

For one thing, the good news is that after the one hour was over, the technicians and expert engineers had solved the issue and it was back to happy times for all Facebook Fans. The same could be said about Instagram and Tinder. Now the social chatter can thankfully resume and everything can get back to normal. 

The temporary outage caused several funny and catchy images along with viral memes to be released on twitter. One of them shows a little child with a crybaby face and he looks so cute.

Another one depicts the Spongebob Squarepants starfish trying to mend a bench with a hammer and nails not to mention a saw.

See some other funniest tweets below.

They rightly and properly mocked Facebook and the rest of the sites for the interregnum in between normal relays. Mark Zuckerberg must have contracted quite a migraine if not gotten a serious heart attack over the fault that showed up. But it is all okay now and all is well that ends well.  

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