Facebook is making Virtual-Reality Applications

Facebook is making Virtual-Reality Applications

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The execs at Facebook are busy making certain VR applicatons that they hope stars like Beyonce will employ in their day to day lives

It’s been 365 days since Facebook purchased Oculus, which makes VR devices, for two billion dollars. The VR gadgets that Facebook intends to produce now will feature content from Mark Zuckerberg’s organization as well as celebs such as Beyonce.

Recently speaking at the Code/Media conference , the CPO of Facebook declared that VR was the really “in” thing these days and that Facebook has its own schemes that it was working on in relation to VR. VR or Virtual Reality is indeed very funky and thrilling. It simulates a real environment almost in a manner that reduplicates reality object for object.

The CPO pointed out that the beauty of VR was evident from video contents that showed the user inside a racing car or in a tent in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. He furthermore said that when you are experienceing VR, you are in it like the Internet and that it was a truly marvelous and wonderful milieu. The future was indeed now! When you were on Facebook, the experience was partial, but in case of VR it was holistic. 

When the CPO was asked whether people will be able to create content via VR, he replied in the affirmative. And he named Beyonce as one of the possible future candidates. Of course, it is another matter that Beyonce’s creativity would be altogether different from the Average Joe’s.

The use of myriad cameras to create the illusion of VR will take time to master and institute on Facebook. Till then all we can do is keep our fingers crossed. It’ll take some duration before things get off the ground. Maybe one day Beyonce will really be able to share her version of reality with her fans on Facebook via its special VR apps.

Of course, the example of Beyonce is meant to illustrate the celeb factor in all this. Many other stars and pop icons such as Lady Gaga and Madonna might jump on the bandwagon too.

In fact, for the first time in history fans and their favorite celebs /4/meet face to face in an enviable environment where the difference between reality and fantasy becomes a confused jumble. This technology is very potent if you consider it from this angle. And what can we say except that…today India, tomorrow the world! 

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