Facebook lends Free Option regarding Gender Identity

Facebook lends Free Option regarding Gender Identity

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Facebook has lent its users a free option as regards gender identity. Those who frequent the social network /4/identify themselves as transgender or as belonging to any sexual status they want to.

Facebook has its diversity and so Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild has allowed its content creators to be free as regards their sexuality and gender politics. A free form field has been invented by Facebook execs and this will pave the way for greater freedom of expression. You do not necessarily have to write male or female in your ID details.

There are over ten standard choices from which you can select any one you like. These include transgender and transsexual not to mention gay or lesbian alternatives. And now in a display of the philosophy of “the more the merrier” Facebook has let users employ any handle as far as their sexual selves are concerned.

A person does not have to hide in the closet any longer as far as sexual politics is concerned. They /4/reveal to the world at large what their real orientation is as regards sex and sexuality. The question is one of authenticity and integrity. The truth will out and there is no point in lying to prevent the real self from coming out in the light of day. 

All LGBT users /4/now relax and let out a breath of relief. They have been vindicated. Now with a free option of naming your basic nature, Facebook has literally let the fire escape from the hearth.

A show of cards on coming to the social pages is now not going to be a game of cat and mouse. This crucial choice is of course currently available only in the United States. The rest of the world is not exactly ready for the radical change.

The art of networking is one where each person expresses their needs and qualities in an open and obvious way. Where there is consent and no coercion, the social network users /4/interact in whatever manner they /4/choose to.

It is indeed a vast playing field where friends and acquaintances /4/be made at the drop of a hat. Androgynous and intersex not to mention bisexuals will now be flocking to the pages of Facebook to meet like-minded folks that they would love to get to know better.

The rainbow colors of (wo)mankind’s sexuality and gender bender status have been laid out in their amazing variety on Facebook for anyone and everyone’s benefit.   

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