Facebook Said to Acquire Solar Drone Maker Titan Aerospace for $60M

Facebook Said to Acquire Titan Aerospace

Titan Aerospace

Facebook is looking forward to acquiring Titan Aerospace, the manufacturer of drones. It wants to copy Google’s Project Loon and provide Internet access in remote areas of the world.

Facebook has already taken up the initiative to deliver Net access to the poverty-stricken people of the world. And the good thing is that this provision will be free of cost. There are approximately five billion individuals on the planet who still lack a Net connection.

They are the ones who make up the next goal for Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. That is why Facebook has made plans to acquire Titan Aerospace. It is a company that has created solar-powered drones that can stay in space for a period of five years. 

It has been estimated that Facebook will pay close to $60,000 for the merger. Talks are underway and soon the good news /4/be delivered to the rest of the world. The spread of Internet facilities in faraway regions such as Africa will thus be a reality. 

The drone that Facebook has its eyes set on is called the Solara 60 model. Facebook has an objective before it. It wants to construct at least 11,000 such UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and let them loose over the inaccessible terrains of the global village. The airspace will be teeming with them. 

YouTube has several videos of the drone. It works like a climatic satellite. And it is less pricey and more efficient than other versions. Of course, behind this effort is the mimicry of Google’s Project Loon which uses balloons instead. 

Facebook wants to outdo its rival. The drones have many uses, including meteorological reporting, catastrophe relief and taking photographs of the big blue marble that is the earth. But Facebook wants the sophisticated technology in order to connect with people. The drones have internal battery packs that store the sun’s energy from solar panels on the aircraft. 

The drone company’s headquarters are located in New Mexico where its research and development laboratories are existent too. There are certain FAA regulations that will apply to the usage of the drones in the United States. In the rest of the world, the rules will be less stringent though.  

Source: TechCrunch

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