Fantastic Four: First Look at The Thing in Action

Fantastic Four: First Look at The Thing in Action

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A new image of The Thing in gruesome action has been revealed. Jamie Bell plays the role of The Thing in Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four movie .

A new image of The Thing or Ben Grimm played by Jamie Bell in Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four has been released. And this is the very first image of The Thing in action. The most recent edition of The Fantastic Four movuie has not been released yet.

But it will feature among the four obvious characters, Sue Storm who will be played by Kata Mara. She can rise into the air on her own and also disappear into thin air.

As the group known as the Fantastic Four is holed up in a secret government hideout, they try to make best their escape. The fact is that when Kate Mara acted out the action sequences of Sue Storm she felt pain in her knees.

They /4/look like superheroes and superheroines on the silver screen but actually in the shooting scenes on set, they face the same difficulties and aches and pains as us ordinary mortals. The images on screen of superpowers such as having your body become an elastic ribbon of sorts or catching fire is something that has become old hat by now.

Meanwhile, The Thing will definitely be up to his old ways by clobbering and punching holes in things and people. EW provided us with latest image of Fantastic Four’s The Thing in action. The stone suit (actually rubber) worn by Jamie Bell makes him sweat like crazy while he is in it. 

Jamie Bell plays Ben Grimm or The Thing in The Fantastic Four. He is the fourth in the series of heroes and heroines. He has baby blue eyes and a tough brown rocky exterior of pulverized stones.

The man is a brute by nature but also childish in parts. He especially has conflicts with one of the other members of his group. Of course, The Thing does not wear a suit made of rocks. It is imitation rubber made to look like the real thing.

But when you interview Jamie Bell in real life, you discover that he is actually a very tough guy. This man is the exact alter ego of his onscreen movie persona. But he also has a warm and compassionate nature that is the opposite of some of the macho men and bodybuilders you find in the gyms working out like gym rats.

The action sequences of The Thing do show his arms to be a little lengthier than usual. But such things happen when you apply CGI (computer generated imagery). The special effects will make the movie worth watching if only for the destruction and fighting skills that are aplenty. 


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