Fast & Furious 7: Vin Diesel predicts an Oscar

Fast & Furious 7: Vin Diesel predicts an Oscar

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  • Fast & Furious 7: What Vin Diesel Predicts?

The stocky and brawny sidekick of the late Paul Walker, Vin Diesel made a prediction about the latest installment titled Furious 7. According to him it will definitely bag the Oscar for Best Picture at the Academy Awards when they take place next year.

Furious 7, the seventh series in The Fast and the Furious franchise will explode onto screens on April 3rd and the fans of Paul Walker are waiting anxiously to get a last look at his action sequences after his tragic death in an automobile accident two years back.

However, there are more news from some of its stars. Paul’s best buddy and long-time friend, Vin Diesel, who used to work as a bouncer in a bar once, has made a prognostication to the effect that the film will be #1 in the Best Picture category at the Oscars.

But that is a long time off in the future (next year to be exact). In an interview, Vin Diesel spoke of how it will probably be the most humongous movie ever made. He was even gutsy enough to say that it would sweep the Oscars unless the Oscars didn’t want to be a popular Hollywood contest anymore.

Vin Diesel told Variety in a recent interview that nothing can approach the caliber of Furious 7. The movie is the most devastating form of audiovisual dynamite that has ever been made West of Suez.    

Diesel was pretty happy about the movie going on to be a success. His friend Paul who sadly died in a car accident two years back must be looking on from heaven and giving the franchise his blessings.

After Paul’s untimely death, the studio had to rewrite some of the script and change the scenes to fit in some substitutes. Special effects were employed to make these alternative men look like the missing Paul. Yet, the movie did get made in the final analysis.

Vin Diesel said that besides making the movie an action-packed one, the dynamics of it were such that it was also very emotionally relevant. It was satisfying fare. It took $2.4 billion to direct and is a solid blockbuster that debuted at SXSW about seven days ago.

Some movies that have earned the Best Picture Award at the Oscars include in their ranks: Birdman, 12 Years a Slave and The Artist. Meanwhile, the prediction by Vin Diesel comes at a time when the Oscars themselves are under attack.

It seems that the inane and idiotic hosting by Neil Patrick Harris simply made the ratings of the annual show go down by a whopping percentage. It is hoped that next year a better host will be chosen…one who does justice to the grandeur of the event and also has a sense of humor.  

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