FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitives Eric Frein captured Alive

FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitives Eric Frein captured Alive

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One of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives named Eric Frein was recently captured alive.

The killer of cops, Eric Frein was captured alive after a  two day manhunt. He was on of the top 10 fugitives most wanted by the FBI. He was a very dangerous man who was into killing cops. The very task of capturing him alive was a very formidable duty indeed. 

A well-organized man hunt began in earnest for this one man. Scads of police officers got together from five different sections of the law enforcement agencies. 31-year-old Frein was caught outside an airplane hangar by U.S. Marshals. 

Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan said, “Frein was captured without incident about 6 p.m. ET at the abandoned Birchwood Pocono Airpark in Tannersville, in the Poconos resort region.”

A gun along with several knives were in his possession when he was apprehended but he was prevented from using them at the time of his capture. He had ambushed two police officers at the same spot. 

Frein was caught without a single bullet being shot such was the level of expertise of the police officers. He was handcuffed with the same lock and keys owned by the police officer he had killed and transported to jail in the same police car that belonged to that police officer.  

“He was handcuffed with the handcuffs of Corporal Dickson, which I think was very appropriate,” Gov. Tom Corbett said at a late-night news conference. “Let me assure you from everyone here: Justice will be served.”

When Frein was found he surprisingly got down on his knees and allowed himself to be taken into custody. He put up no resistance of any sort. He was in ideal medical condition and didn’t need any first aid or assistance of any kind. Frein had been in hiding since he killed one officer and harmed another one. The manhunt was an extensive one which managed to capture him alive and well. The schools had been closed in the region where the manhunt took place and the people stayed indoors due to the obvious danger. 

“Eric Frein was dedicated to killing law enforcement members,” Noonan said in a news conference. “I can’t think of a more dangerous occupation than going out into those woods and looking for him.”

Frein had a criminal record of stealing various items as well. His parents were not available for comment upon his capture. Notes found in the woods where he was apprehended show that he had no mercy on the state trooper he killed in cold blood. The man was a virtual psychopath and professional killing machine.  

Sources: ABC , NBC

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