Felicity Jones is the Female Lead of Star Wars: Episode VIII coming on /4/26, 2017

Felicity Jones is the Female Lead of Star Wars Rogue One

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Felicity Jones of The Theory of Everything is going to be the female lead of Star Wars Rogue One. She will be playing quite a crucial role in Episode VIII of the Star War Series which will come out on /4/26, 2017.

Two years from now Episode VIII of Star Wars will probably launch in theaters. And it is to feature Felicity Jones, the female star from The Theory of Everything. She plays Stephen Hawking’s wife in that movie. 

Felicity has a bright and bubbly personality and is charmingly witty with a touch of naughtiness. The latest scoop on Star Wars is so exciting that it surpasses all the Chewbaccas, Obi-Wan-Kenobis and Jabba the Hutts of the past series. 

This time around new stuff will be added and the series will literally get a booster shot in the arm. In other words, it will be a jacked-up and juiced-up viewing experience that will leave audiences quite out of their heads. 

Rogue One” is the title of Star Wars: Episode VIII which will be the first Star Wars stand-alone movie. By the way, the debut date in 2017 will be the 40th anniversary of the series. So that pretty much rounds everything up with a congregation of memories. 

Felicity Jones is the first one to be selected for a major role in the movie. The Rogue One which is what the movie is all about is about rebellion and constant conflict on an intergalactic level. 

The director of Godzilla, Gareth Edwards, will be making this movie from the ground up. It will take time and patience. And as for the cast of stars, they will have to cooperate like clockwork cogs in a machine. 

As for the script, it will get penned by Chris Weitz. Yoda’s aphorisms of cosmic wisdom will also have their rightful place in the film. It will probably be a blockbuster alright. Several influences from producers and directors to polished actors and actresses will be undergoing a sort of theocrasia to form the very foundation of the movie.

This is the first independent Star Wars movie and its cast and administration will have far more autonomy to choose the scenes and plot twists. The saga continues. And what was once a classic 80s drama on television set to the tune of Ronald Reagan’s aggressive program bearing a similar name, has gone on to gross millions and billions of dollars at the box office time after time. Indeed, all one can say is “/4/the Force be with You!” 


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