Fish with Human Teeth discovered by Russian Fisherman

Fish with Human Teeth discovered by Russian Fisherman

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Some things are truly unbelievable. A fish with human teeth in its mouth was discovered by a Russian fisherman.

There had been previous incidents of human beings having animal-like teeth. But this time around it is an even weirder event that has transpired.  A fish with humanoid teeth was caught by a fisherman in Russia. 

A 50 year old man named Aleks Korobov had the scientists and taxonomists totally baffled after he managed to catch a fish with teeth that look 100% like that of a human being. 

The strange creature almost appeared to be a hoax of sorts. But the even more bizarre thing is that it was for real. Aleks, who hails from Arkhangelsk in northwestern Russia, caught the freaky fish while boating in the Dvina River. 

He had taken it to be a normal run-of-the-mill bream variety of fish. But when he looked it in the jaws after removing the hook, it had a pair of human teeth. 

While the fish is not alive, it is still fresh and does not give off the rotten pong of decaying animal matter. Aleks who used a knife to open the fish’s gills almost dropped the fish back into the water when he discovered that it had human teeth. 

The next moment, Alex was sharing his new catch with friends at the local pub. One of his friends recounts how they all thought he had had one too many vodka shots when he told them regarding the big fish. 

But when Aleks produced it before them as evidence they nearly lost their composure. It was a very mindboggling thing to view right there before you. The next thing Aleks did was to contact the authorities, who performed a postmortem on the fish and tried to classify it. 

The conclusion reached was that it was an extremely rare form of Piranha fish. But whereas Piranhas eat meat, this one was a vegetarian type. It had probably been released into Russian waters by some exotic fish exporter. It was definitely a shocking find and one that Aleks and his friends will not forget for the rest of their lives. 

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