Five Former Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Sue For Back Pay And More

Five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders sue for back pay and more

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Buffalo Jills cheerleaders sue the Buffalo Bills

Each team in the NFL has cheerleaders that are on the sidelines during the games and attend special events outside of the game. Some cheerleaders in the NFL have sued teams over the pay structure. Five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders have filed suit against the team this week reports

The suit alleges that the cheerleaders had to work hundreds of hours for free at games and public appearances that were mandatory. The women allege that during their appearances and at games, they were groped and subjected to sexual comments.

One of the women alleges that they had to take a jiggle test to allow their boss to see how firm their bodies were. Buffalo Bills cheerleaders are known as the Buffalo Jills and the case claims that the women are wrongly classified as independent contractors and subject to policies that violate the state minimum wage laws.

“We are Bills fans,” Dolce said. “We definitely want our organization and other organizations in the NFL to respect the rights of these cheerleaders.”

The cheerleaders receive no pay for the games they perform at and have to make 25-35 appearances, most of which are unpaid. They also have to pay $650 for their uniforms and receive no reimbursement for travel and other expenses. The case is seeking unspecified back pay and legal fees.

“Everything from standing in front of us with a clipboard having us do a jiggle test to see what parts of our body were jiggling,” cheerleader Alyssa U. said, “and if that was something that she saw, you were getting benched.”

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