Galaxy Tab S VS. iPad Mini

Galaxy Tab S VS. iPad Mini

The market presence of both the Apple and Samsung manufacturers is neck to neck. Both have their market share and give a tough competition to each other. When one produces a particular technological product, the other manufacturer also tries to match the product by introducing its own.

Same is the case with Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Apple’s iPad mini. The iPad Air and iPad mini are already in the market whereas Samsung Galaxy Tab S is expected to be released in July 2014. Both the manufacturers came up with exciting and comparative new products with some features that distinguish them.

Galaxy Tab S and iPad Mini under a Microscope

There are a number of reasons that differentiates these two products. A brief comparison of both the products is given below:

  • Design – The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is a very sleek light weight device. It is about 6.6mm thinner than its competitor iPad mini. The Galaxy Tab S weights about 294g and it is considerably lighter than the iPad which weights about 331g. The iPad mini has all metal chassis build where as the Galaxy Tab S has more of a plastic feel.
  • Screen – The Samsung Galaxy Tab S has an incredible 2560 x 1600 screen resolution which is gives about 360 pixels per inch (ppi). The iPad mini gives 324 pixels which is slightly lower than the Galaxy Tab S. Further, the iPad mini has a 4:3 aspect ratio as compared to the massive 16:9 aspect ratio of Samsung Tab S. This makes Galaxy Tab S more suitable for watching videos. According to Samsung, its Galaxy Tab S can reproduce 97% of the RGB color coverage. On the other hand, iPad mini can reproduce just about 70%. Comparatively, the iPad mini screen looks very washed out as compared to the vibrant Samsung Galaxy S screen.
  • Hardware – The Galaxy Tab S uses the brilliant Octa core Exynos 5 processor. The processor is supported with 3GB RAM. The microSD lets you add about 128 GB more memory. The Galaxy Tab S is also equipped with the state of the art fingerprint scanning feature. Further, it supports faster Wi-Fi and a 4G version is also available. The iPad mini is equipped with an A7 chip in conjunction with the M7 co-processor which helps in power efficiency. The iPad Mini is available in 16 GB, 32 GB, 64GB and 128 GB versions but there is no microSD slot. Both the manufacturers claim the battery life of the devices up to 10 hours at least.
  • Software – The Samsung Galaxy Tab S has Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. Samsung has updated the Google’s 4.4 KitKat operating system according to the preferences of their tablet. The Apple iPad mini uses the brilliant iOS7 operating system which is expected to be updated soon to the iOS 8 version. The iOS is known to have a variety of tablet-suitable applications which were produced specifically for their tablets.
  • Price – iPad Mini – £319 – Galaxy Tab S – £349 (expected to be released in July 2014).

Therefore, comparing iPad with the Galaxy Tab S is just like comparing apple with oranges. Both are good with some difference in specifications. The buyers just need to check the specification in order to judge which one is the more suitable device for them.

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