Game of Thrones: Sansa Raped on Her Wedding Night…Horribly!

Game of Thrones: Sansa Raped on Her Wedding Night…Horribly!

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  • Sansa gets debilitated on Her Wedding Night…Horribly!

Sansa’s experiences the most horrible wedding night at the hands on Ramsay with Theon as an involuntary witness, people are still shocked.

Compared to other characters on the show, Sophie Turner’s character Sansa started off considerably innocent and naïve. Where Daenerys became an instant force of reckoning, Sansa’s growth has been gradual and steady. There have been a lot of people who have been hating on Sansa because she just wasn’t a sorry enough character to root for. 

Betrothed to Crown Prince Joffrey Baratheon at the start of the season 1, Sansa hated the young prince for his true nature after he slaughtered her father. Sansa’s character still retained to be a feminine character who still believed in a fairy tale wedding and a happy ending.

She has been with Baelish who has got her far and away from King’s Landing since season 1 and one has seen Sansa grow. She has faced politics, wrath and cruelty and yet her soul remains untouched ad her virtue intact.

That is all about to change for her. As Sansa’s wedding drew nearer, fans had to anticipate a most brutal wedding night depicted in the book. It has left the fans asking, how could they do this to Sansa?

Yes, it’s all bad and Sophie Turner admits that the creators had to start dropping hints in August about the scene that was about to come. She said that they broke it on the pretense of a love angle and she was interested.

She said that when she went through the script and found out what they had written for her, she was excited. Of course she expressed her initial disapproval and ask how they could indeed do this to her but she admitted that she was actually pretty excited to do it. 

So Sansa’s finally at Winterfell and she is betrothed again. This time she will get married but bad luck Sansa. Her dream guy is far from what Ramsay Bolton really is. The son of the man who killed Sansa’s mother, Sansa has agreed to marry him for peace. She is responsible to what her role is.

However, her hopes for a perfect groom goes down the drain. Ramsay Bolton turns psycho freak on their wedding night and rapes Sansa. What’s worst? He has her childhood friend Theon watching as he ruins Sansa. It could have gone worse if it were by the book and Theon would have been made to participate in her humiliation. Still seeing it all has put them through enough trauma they could recover from.

“Is a girl ready?”Watch a preview of tomorrow’s new episode, “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.”Posted by Game of Thrones on Saturday, /4/16, 2015

The fans are still squeamish and anyone who had any doubt about Sansa not being a sorry enough character can finally put their words to peace.

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