Get Ready To Vote For Your Favorite Stars In 2014 #MTVStars

Get Ready To Vote For Your Favorite Stars In 2014 #MTVStars

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The contenders that are playing each other have been revealed by MTV for this year’s #MTVStars competition.

Last year One Direction were given the most votes and were voted as MTV’s star of 2013. This year they will face a tough competition because many stars released their new albums. This year we saw that Ed Sheeran sold a lot of albums and he returned to the number one spot in the UK.

Fernandez on the other hand became the most successful British solo artist. Whereas One Direction were given many EMA’s this year. We have seen this year that music has returned to its greatness.

The past few years have been really dull for music but we are seeing that this trend is changing with many great artists breaking through. So now it is the end of the year and as always, MTV is empowering its audience to choose the best artist. When you are going to be voting, you are supposed to use the hashtag #MTVStars.

This is going to be followed by the name of your beloved artist. Like if you wanted to vote for David Guetta, you would write #MTVStars David Guetta. The voting is going to close on the 16th December so fans should start tweeting right away.

The winner of the #MTVStars would be announced on 20th December at 12pm. There is a live leaderboard so that you can check out how your favorite stars are doing. To check out the leaderboard visit “”.

MTV picked 50 contenders this year and currently Justin Bieber is on top of the leaderboard with a huge lead. Beliebers are making sure that their star wins the award this year. At the moment it is looking like the Canadian born star is going to win the competition.

Just behind Justin we have, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, One Direction, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. MTV says that it is worth if your use images and emoticons with your votes. You can vote for one artist per tweet.

Justin Bieber is heading to Brazil for Bieber Mania Brazil and this tour is going to help him keep his huge lead on the leaderboard. People using Facebook should join the “Beliebers 22h” so that they can stay on top of all the information about task forces.

Sources: MTV UK , Biebermania

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