Giant Florida Sinkhole Filled In

Giant Florida sinkhole filled in

115 truckloads of sand and cement required to fill in hole

WFTV reports that a giant sinkhole opened up in a neighborhood in The Villages, Florida. The sinkhole was reportedly 50-feet deep and forced residents to evacuate their homes. Crews worked over the weekend to fill the sinkhole that opened between two homes.

The two homes reportedly looked as if they were about to be swallowed by the sinkhole at one point as the yard between the two homes collapsed.

“Underneath the driveway there is no soil there yet, the driveway is still standing,” said project manager Rich Kay on Saturday.

Crews had reportedly been working for several weeks to fill a sinkhole in the property that was smaller. Rain reportedly caused a second sinkhole to open. One resident who lives next door says that he noticed the sinkhole when walking in the morning.

“As I was coming back from my walk, I didn’t see the tree. I thought someone had stolen the tree or something,” he said.

The massive sinkhole was filled with a mixture of sand and cement. The hole will reportedly took 115 truckloads of the material to fill in. After the sinkhole is filled in, the lawn and landscaping will be replaced. It’s unclear if the homeowner is having to pay for these repairs or if the city is fixing the issue.

Sinkholes have made headlines more and more in recent years. Not too long ago one opened under the Corvette museum and sucked in a handful of rare cars. It would be hard to feel comfortable living in a home where the ground had already opened up once.


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