Gigi Hadid Disses Cocaine Intake Rumors at Spring Break

Gigi Hadid has Fun with Cody Simpson after Spring Break

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  • Gigi Hadid has Fun with Cody Simpson after Spring Break

The blonde bombshell and model, Gigi Hadid dissed a blog for what she said was calumny against her. The blog stated that she snorted cocaine at an event recently.

Gigi Hadid angrily responded on her Twitter account against a blog calling it an excrement-laced blog for stating what she says are slanderous remarks about her. The blog had written in it alongside a video clip that Gigi was snorting cocaine at an occasion that took place recently.

But Gigi contends that the video clip was reworked and falsely blamed her for what was just not a fact. She furthermore said that she would never dare endanger her career as a world-renowned supermodel by chasing the drug dragon.

She took good care of herself and would never jeopardize her mental health and physical well-being by sucking cocaine up her nose with a straw. It was an impossibility and was an act that simply didn’t exist in her lexicon.

Gigi said that she did not have an addictive personality. She said that the blog administrators were probably looking forward to increasing traffic via cheap glamour and razzmatazz and so had made the calumnious claim in the first place. 

Gigi Hadid was at the Victoria’s Secret Pink Spring Break with her boyfriend Cody Simpson. Later on in Miami, Florida, she was at the beach and engaged in some personal displays of affection with him.

The two frolicked and horsed around with each other amidst the sand and surf. She was in a bikini while Cody Simpson was without his shirt. Their bodies looked pretty fit and fabulous. Cody was muscular and beefy not to mention brawny in his exterior demeanor.

As for Gigi, she was her usual curvy and cute self. The two were in each others arms in the blue waters and at one point Gigi clung to Cody and had her bust literally in his face. Cody has a new song out titled New Problems that he supposedly named after his hooking up with Gigi.

But he didn’t mean to insult Gigi like the blog did by that phrase. Cody told People that he and Gigi have a lot of trust between them. They are made for each other and like hanging out together and having a really good time.

The pics that he posted showed him hugging Gigi’s curvaceous and voluptuous body. As for the beach pics, they are very explicit in their PDA value. It appears to be the case that Gigi is a good girl and the blog probably got it all wrong about her. 

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