GoDaddy Super Bowl 2015 Ad Triggers Outcry

GoDaddy Super Bowl 2015 Ad Triggers Outcry of Dog Lovers

Go Daddy makes fun of the Budweiser Super Bowl ad titled Lost Dog with their GoDaddy Super Bowl 2015 Ad. The commercial does not go over well with dog lovers raising a Twitter shit storm.

As reported, this morning the Go Daddy Super Bowl 2015 Ad got released online and also on Today morning show on TV. The reaction to the GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial has been the strongest yet that we have seen this year.

It all started so cute. Go Daddy announced in November of last year that the GoDaddy Super Bowl 2015 Ad will star a cute puppy.

BREAKING UPDATE: GoDaddy will not air the Super Bowl Ad with Buddy. The outrage from animal right groups and animal lovers was too much for the company.

In December the hosting provider, once associated with risqué Superbowl ads, introduced us to a cute puppy. Then fans had the chance to name the puppy and the name Buddy was selected.

Two weeks ago GoDaddy showed us photos of Buddy again. He grew up fast. He even got a job in GoDaddy Management. Everything was good. The GoDaddy Super Bowl ad titled Journey Home was expected to tell a cute story.

The Go Daddy Super Bowl 2015 Ad is though not telling a cute story. It shocks dog lovers by having the Puppy fly off a moving truck and then after Buddy went through a lot to get home, he gets sold on the spot online and shipped off. This was too much for dog lovers and they expressed their outrage on Twitter. 

It is not just dog lovers that are angered. People also expressed anger about showing online sale of puppies. Even breeders complain to be depicted as heartless.










As there is no bad PR, this controversy creates a lot of awareness for the GoDaddy Super Bowl 2015 Ad. If Peta is getting involved like some Twitter users are asking for, the controversy would explode.

Let’s see how this develops. Each year there is at least one Super Bowl advertiser that walks into a controversy. Watch the GoDaddy Super Bowl 2015 Ad below. I admit, I am a cat person and I just love the slightly dark humor in this Superbowl ad. I find the ad funny as do others on Twitter as well.


GoDaddy Super Bowl 2015 Ad Journey Home

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The Super Bowl 2015 will take place on February 1, 2015 in Arizona. The Super Bowl XLIX game will be played in the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. NBC is broadcasting the Super Bowl 2015. The Super Bowl 2015 Halftime Show will be performed by Katy Perry. The constantly updated Super Bowl Ads List is tracking all 2015 Super Bowl Ads.

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