Google bans Explicit Sexual Content on Blogger

Google bans Explicit Sexual Content on Blogger
  • Google is Banning Explicit Sexual Content on its Blogger Service

Google is banning all of those blogs that contain adult content and Google have notified the blog admins.

People use the Google Blogger service to do many things. Some of the people share food recipes whereas some people put their opinion on sports on their blogs. But there are some people that have put adult content on their blogs. 

Google is notifying users and they have until 23rd March to delete images and videos that show graphic content. Blogs that fail to do so until 23rd March will be set to “private”. This means that only those people would be able to see the graphic blog content with whom the admin has shared the content. 

Google has also made a new adult content policy for blogger. Google reassured people that users that fail to meet these content policies after the deadline, their blogs will be removed from the Google Blogger. 

Global News reports that the message sent to the users in emails said that it will not be deleting blogs that show nudity in art, education and in documentaries. If there is any scientific content and it shows some nudity, then it will also not be banned. 

Google hasn’t released any official figure about how many people will be affected by this new content policy. Some analysts believe the number will probably be in millions. The current content policy says that you could show nudity and sexual activity and all of it comes under freedom of expression. 

The user that would visit the blog will be asked to continue into the blog only if they are an adult. Google also said that if the users want to take down their blog then they can export their blog to an .xml file or they can also archive their blog’s images and text with the help of Google Takeout.


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