Google denies News regarding its own Uber App

Google denies Developing its own Uber App

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Google wants to give the people a ride sharing application like Uber which would allow them to catch lifts from driverless cars. It is reported that Google has been working on this application for quite some time and Uber are trying to counter their actions by building self-driving cars. However, Google denies the report of developing its own Uber competitor.

Google never stops to amaze us. Every time we think that they have done something extraordinary, they come up with something even greater. Now we can see that the company is planning to make a ride sharing app which would allow people to get lifts from one of their driverless cars.

This news was first reported by Bloomberg to the media. David Drummond is one of Uber’s board of directors and at the same time he is Google’s chief legal officer. He probably shared the news with Uber that Google is planning to make a ride-sharing service.

The Uber board of directors also saw some of the screens of the application which were made by Google. So one thing is for sure that Google has been working for quite some time on this application and now we have to wait and see when Google is going to release this application.

We also will have to see whether Google is going to release this application publicly or not or whether this application is going to be a paid one or free of charge. There were rumors suggesting that the application made by Google was being used by Google employees at the moment.

They want to test the application on their employees and remove as many bugs as possible. So for now Uber don’t have to worry about anything. Once Google decide to go public with this application, then Uber will have to act and will have to come up with something even greater to stay in the game.

We all knew Google was trying to make self-driving cars. What we didn’t know was that Google wanted to make self-driving taxis at one point. Google also wants the car owners to turn their cars into cabs when they’re not using them. This is where Google’s ride sharing application will come in action.

But all of these details are all rumors till now. This is because Google still hasn’t released any information regarding their project and that is why it is very silly to speculate what they are going to come up with once they release the application.

Infact, Google has posted a denial tweet in response to Bloomberg report. See the tweet below.


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