Google Glass is Dead?


Google Glass has disappeared from the streets writes John Dvorak over at PC Mag. Has Google Glass failed?

John Dvorak says that Google Glass died in a report on PCMag. Google Glass has disappeared from the public eye. He says there are no more Google Glass wearers on the street and nobody is talking about it.

The defensive reaction of people against Google Glass wearers is likely to blame, but Dvorak also says that early adopters stopped using Google Glass because they are useless.

While Google Glass might never make it in the mainstream, the Dubai Police just got some to fight crime and catch traffic violators. Google Glass is the ideal soldier and police gadget. We all know the vision of super cops from Sci-fis. Watch the Gulf News report below.

Clearly Google needs to do more to market Google Glass to professional users to Law enforcement, military and manufacturing. Right now Google is more focused on making Google Glass more fashionable and market it to consumers.

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