Google Glass to use Intel Chips in Next Version

Google Glass to use Intel Chips in Next Version

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A pact with Google Glass will allow Intel access to the wearable market.

Intel will be manufacturing the electronic viscera for Google Glass. This venture will begin from next year onwards and is a part of the foray by the giant into wearable goods. Before this the microchip inside Google Glass was from Texas Instruments. But now it will come courtesy of Intel.

Intel will be involved in the shift of Google Glass to other venues such as medical daycare centers and production hubs. The device will be put to myriad uses. Google launched the device two years ago. Thought of as an object for eggheads, it has proved the critics wrong and is now being used in a wide variety of contexts.

In fact, it can be employed as a career device par excellence. A program titled Glass at Work will augment Google’s wearable in conjunction with software developers so that it could find application in a number of market niches. When they were contacted, all three sources refused to pass any remarks on the matter. However, over 300 of Google’s workers use the wearable while at work.   

While the scope is definitely there for Google Glass, there is still a long way to go before it becomes a universal solution to life’s hassles. Its popularity is not as high as it should be right now. In the future though this might change. The battery in a Google Glass device lasts for exactly 24 hours.

Intel microchips are to be found in most computers big and small. But the company’s arrival in the market was rather late and today ARM’s chips are the preferred choice for all the gadgets of the world.

Intel’s recent CEO refuses to let this be the microchip maker’s fate in case of Google Glass. Among Intel’s latest products are an uber-small chip called the Quark and a tiny circuitboard termed the Edison. Finally, there is a chip called a SoFIA. Mike Bell is a man who is the mind behind most of the wearables you find on the market.

Yet some say that Google Glass is a dead product. Several organizations have stopped ordering the gadgets. The creator of Glass has left Google and gone to Amazon where he is concentrating on new stuff that will be mindboggling in its capacity to enthrall users. Much of this is due to Google’s dilly dallying. But now we can only wait and see what is to become of the whole shebang.     

Source: WSJ

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