Google introduces Password Alert Chrome Extension to prevent Phishing Attacks

Google introduces Password Alert Chrome Extension to prevent Phishing Attacks
  • Google Is Looking Out For Its Chrome Users And They Have Introduced A New Extension

Google is always trying to be the good guy and now they have introduced a Chrome extension which will let you fight against phishing attacks.

Security has always been a problem on the internet. There are always accounts being hacked and critical user information being extracted. Important information like a customer’s credit card number is linked with websites and if the information gets in the wrong hands, the hackers could potentially bankrupt someone.

So we can easily see that these types of security breaches are always one the rise. Hackers use a phishing technique to get user’s data. We all know we don’t have to give someone our info on the internet, the thing you don’t know is that sometime you are tricked into giving up your info.

Phishing emails can look very legitimate and thus they can easily get someone’s data. Google has now introduced a solution for their Chrome users. They have introduced a Chrome extension which will help prevent in significant data loss.

Google released this extension which is called the Password Alert. It can detect if you are using your Google password on a non-Google site and it can alert you to not enter your data. So whenever you have entered your login credentials on a website other than, Password Alert will tell you that you need to reset your password.

If you are sure that you haven’t been hacked, then you can ignore this alert but if you think that you have been hacked, then you need to change your google account password as soon as possible. If you want to mute the website alerts then you can also do that.

Google also said that every time a user logins, Password Alert temporarily gains access to their password. It saves a salted reduced-bit thumbnail version of the password to the Chrome local storage.

And then after that, the thumbnail is compared to every password you enter into any non-Google websites. Google is working on detecting fake Google sign-in pages so that it could alert you beforehand. 

Source: Google


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