Google Wants to Count Calories in Your Food Instagrams

Google Wants to Count Calories in Your Food Instagrams

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  • Google’s new I.A. ‘Im2Calories’ will count calories in photos of food!

Im2Calories unveiled at the Rework Deep Learning Summit is learning to count the number of calories in every food item in any photo.

Google recently revealed a new I.A. app called ‘Im2Calories’ which /4/be capable of counting all the calories present in a food by examining a food photo. The project was unveiled in Boston last week at the Rework Deep Learning Summit, according to a report by Popular Science.

The I.A. is being developed by a researcher at Google by the name of Kevin P. Murphy who specializes in I.A. and algorithms. According to Murphy ‘Im2Calories’ will use the depth of the pixels in food images along with algorithms to identify food and count calories by its size.

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Furthermore the food photo does not necessarily need to be of HD quality; however the app /4/not be perfect in the start but will improve with customer feedback.  

Murphy shared how ‘Im2Calories’ can help people with tracking the caloric content of their food and /4/help other nutrition apps and programs for the betterment. Especially Weight Watchers users and coaches can be honest about the diets in the program.

Murphy also shared how the data even though not a 100% accurate will still have an impact and /4/even help the American people in battling the current crisis of Obesity. 

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Murphy also shared the technology of recognition and analysis by looking at pixels /4/also be used in areas other than food. The same I.A. can revolutionize many platforms such as the traffic patterns to help in finding parking lots.   

Although the I.A. is being worked on it is still in the research phases and no products have been planned according to Jason Freidenfelds the spokesperson for Google. Freidenfelds also warned not to get their hopes up in the foreseeable future. 

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