Groundhog Day Musical will debut on Broadway in 2017

Groundhog Day Musical gets Broadway Debut in 2017

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Thanks to Scott Rudin, Groundhog Day Musical was made possible this time around. Broadway will be the venue for the dramatic overture.

Groundhog Day, the Musical, is about to enter Broadway space. Groundhog Day was a 1993 film starring Bill Murray, a man who was forced to undergo a déjà vu feedback loop of the 24 hours over and over and over again. 

The Broadway Musical is being created by the makers of the touching film Matilda. Scott Rudin is in on the deal alongside Sony Entertainment.  Rudin last time around did the Book of Mormon and that was five years ago. It still grosses a million dollars per year. 

Since this film is so popular for its hilarity and absurdity, its Broadway screenplay was made in a jiffy. A romance with a  funny twist added to it, Groundhog Day was adored since day one.

“Danny, Tim and I have been working on the show for three years in an informal way,” Warchus told NYPost. “We didn’t even have the rights from Sony. By the time we had a first draft and seven songs, we decided we’d better get them.”

Groundhog Day Musical fans have formed a cult following and today the feeling of the sand in the hourglass clock running out in the nick of time is a familiar mirroring of the postmodern condition. However, while the theme is a serious one, the producers managed to keep things light enough to be a source of illumination for others. 

Groundhog Day Broadway Musical’s theater and cast are yet not finalized. Groundhog Day Musical will premiere on January 23, 2017 on Broadway. However, it will officially open on March 9, 2017. 

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