Halloween Costumes are so Frozen Says Google

Halloween Costumes are so Frozen Says Google


Google published today the Halloween costume trends of 2014 based on trending searches on Google. Looks like there will be lots of Elsas and Olafs this year.

Halloween 2014 is less than three weeks. We have already a while ago published our top Halloween Costumes for Geeks 2014. This year we also featured the sexiest Halloween Costume. Now Google has released the top 10 Halloween Costume trends of 2014 based on trending searches. Two characters of the Disney movie Frozen top the list. Elsa is #1 followed be Olaf  the funny snowman.

The 3rd place goes to Maleficent. The Ninja Turtles made the the fourth rank just before yet another Frozen character – Anna. Then finally the Super heroes come next. Black Widow is on the 6th spot followed by Captain America. Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy, Dog Spider and Assassin’s Creed finish the top 10 Halloween costume trends of 2014.

Halloween Costumes 2014

Last year’s Google Halloween costume list featured popular choices from TV (Breaking Bad) and the viral video “What Does The Fox Say.” This year characters from movies are the big trend.

A trend that is growing fast are DIY Halloween Costumes. Also in this category a Frozen Character is in the lead: Elsa. 

Via the Google Search Blog.

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