Harris Wittels, Comedy Writer and ‘Parks and Recreation’ Producer, Found Dead

Harris Wittels, Comedy Writer and 'Parks and Recreation' Producer, Found Dead

Alan Yang (Left) and Harris Wittels (Right) / Getty Images

Harris Wittels a stand-up Comedian, Producer, Writer on numerous shows, founder of the term ‘Humblebrag’ on Twitter and a Drummer was found dead by his assistant at his home in L.A.

Harris Wittels the co-executive producer of the NBC comedy ‘Parks and Recreation’ found dead at his home in L.A., California. Wittels was 30 years old at the time of his death and according to the LAPD died due to an apparent case of drug overdose. Wittels body was found by his assistant at about 2:00 pm in the afternoon. 

Wittels worked on ‘Parks and Recreation’ since its debut in 2011 as a staff write, soon he went on to become the co-executive producer of the show. The show ‘Parks and Recreation’ is slated to end this year and the finale will feature next week. Wittels also appeared in a small role on show as an incompetent animal control officer. 

Wittels also produced and wrote for other shows such as ‘The Sarah Silverman Program’, ‘Eastbound and Down’ and ‘Secret Girlfriend’. In addition to producing and writing, Wittels was also a stand-up comedian and drummer for the band Don’t Stop or Well Die with fellow comedians Paul Rust and Michael Cassady. 

Wittels is also credited with coining the term ‘Humblebrag’ on his Twitter account. He even penned a coffee table book from his Twitter account called ‘Humblebrag: The Art of False Modesty’ based upon his tweets in 2012.

Wittels has a substantially large Twitter following with about 87.5K followers. Wittels was open about his struggles with drug addiction and even talked about it publicly last September. Wittels had twice been to rehab due to his addiction and was reportedly clean until recently.

After news of his demise was confirmed tributes in the form tweets starting coming from friends, colleagues and followers. The most prominent tweets were from Sarah Silverman. Silverman in her tweets described Wittels as brilliant beyond compare and with an imagination without limit.


Other prominent figures and accounts on twitter such as Comedy Central, Seth Meyers, Funny or Die, Billy Eichner, Dane Cook and Timothy Simons all shared their respect and praise for the late comedian.


Joe Mande a writer on ‘Parks and Recreation’ tweeted Wittels was the most effortlessly funny person ever and he would have hated to see all these tweets about him. 


TMZ first reported about death of Harris Wittels. Currently Wittels’ death is the most talked about topic and top trend on Twitter with fans and followers shocked about the circumstances of his death.


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