Harry Reid announces Retirement at the End of his Current Term

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The Senator elected since 1986 announced that he will be retiring after the completion of his present term.

A former lawyer, Harry Reid ran in 1982 in the elections and got voted to Senate in 1986. He was elected as a Democrat and has since his election to Senate, has played a very influential role in the proceedings of the Senate.

Reid has already face three tough re-election in 1998, 2004 and 2010. He still prevailed as a mighty elected official. Most recently, he became the Senate Minority Leader. The Republican officials which has gained majority over the past few years in the Senate have faced much resistance to their referendum because of Harry Reid. 

Reid has remained loyal to the Obama government and supported his policies on Medicare, the new immigrant policy and vetoed preference of anti-abortion laws over human trafficking. He is responsible for instating the “nuclear option” in Senate which the majority can vote for a law rather than the mandatory 60 vote compulsion.

Senator Reid had been considering retiring as a per chance thing because many officials knew that Reid was ready for yet another battle. Officials have confessed that Reid might not have been re-elected if the Republicans have not tried so hard for him to be not re-elected. Reid himself confessed that he could still win the battle.

The 74 years old Senator had some time to think about running next year after he got in an exercising accident. His eye and head were injured badly and much recognizance with his family, Reid announced that he will not be running for re-election for the next term and in that motion he will retire, according to NYTimes.

The Senator warned his contemporaries to not be too happy as he is still going to be in the Senate for the next 22 months that is till the end of his current term.


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