Has Johnny Football arrived?


Browns QB looking to remain at the helm

When the Cleveland Browns drafted QB Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M University last spring, they certainly had their future in mind. Despite all of the hype, when the season started Johnny Football was made the second string signal caller. This past Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, Manziel replaced starter Brian Hoyer in the fourth quarter after being down by a score of 20-3. His very first drive resulted in a 10 yard touchdown run and score by Mr. Football himself on a 8 play, 80 yard effort. This week, Browns head coach Mike Pettine has a decision to make. Will he stay with Hoyer or will he go with Manziel? This leads to the question of ‘Has Johnny Football arrived?’

In the post game press conference, Pettine did not reveal who would start for the Browns against their next opponent in the Indianapolis Colts.

If the move is made to bench Hoyer in favor of Johnny Football then the time could not be any better. Hoyer has struggled over his last four or five games. While Coach Pettine praised the effort by Manziel, he still has not said for certain if Manziel will get the start at home against the Colts next week. The Browns are in the toughest division in football in the AFC North. At 7-5, the Browns are in a three way tie for second place in the division despite the lackluster play of Brian Hoyer during the past month or so. Everybody in the NFC North are at least two games over .500. With only four games left in the season, is this the right time for Johnny Manziel to become the starter of the Cleveland Browns? The answer is a resounding yes.

The Cleveland Browns drafted Johnny Manziel for one reason and one reason only and that was to become the future of the franchise. His jerseys were flying off the racks the next day after he was drafted. Mr. Football certainly did impress during his one quarter of work this past Sunday and looked good during his first NFL TD score and run. While Brian Hoyer did look very good at the beginning of this season, he has been generic at best during the latter part of it.

There could be no better time than now to insert Johnny Football as the starter of the Cleveland Browns. If it is not broke, don’t fix it but it is apparent that currently Brian Hoyer needs some repairs. The only way to stop the bleeding is to bring in the backup goods. What better backup could you ask for than none other than Johnny Manziel!

You can certainly bet that Johnny Manziel is looking to take over the starting QB spot. If Mike Pettine decides to go with Johnny Football this week against the Colts it will be historic because that will mean that Johnny Football has arrived. It would then mean that it would be his turn to hold on to the starting job. From what we know about #2 already, it is a very good chance that he will remain the starter for years to come.

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