HBO and VICE Sign Deal to Expand News Programming

HBO and VICE sign deal to expand News Programming

VICE Media and HBO have signed a contract in order to promote news extravaganza. It is a joint effort that is slated to prove fruitful.

VICE Media and HBO are in cahoots and want their news programs to flourish on a common platform. This will include news casting content as well as docudramas not to mention special features. The media magic is expected to go on for at least three years into the future.

A channel from VICE will presently start its broadcast sessions on HBO’s NOW streaming service. VICE can thus expand its domain and get into some colorful territory for a change. Thanks to the deal, VICE Media will be liberated from its previous agenda and can pursue any storyline or news feature it wants without any holds barred. It is a risk but it is also an opportunity.

The viewership will be pleased indeed. Such rare depictions of worldwide issues such as a Cancer Report and other news from “now-here” will enlighten and inform ordinary citizens regarding what is happening in the four corners of the globe. The team at HBO are very enthusiastic about the whole thing. They look forward with pleasure and excitement to the expansion of the content catering by the two media firms.  

Journalism will get a boost too and will represent truth-telling as a therapeutic step in reforming the world. Some of the most crucial and trendsetting events and occurrences around the world will get caught on camera for regular consumption.

Already VICE Media has won an Emmy for some of its groundbreaking work in news reporting. The sobriety and sensibility with which the latest info-bytes are brought before the general public is something laudable and praiseworthy indeed.

Issues such as the ravages of civil war, the double game of terrorists and freedom fighters, corruption in high places, wastelands where there is no such thing as human rights and resource depletion at a planetary level figure in the mix that will get relayed to your television screen.

The news segments will be broadcast five days per week. And the team is in touch with over 30 bureaus on a global basis. This joint constructive effort will be a part of the info-strategies of the times which are to come.

And while knowledge alone /4/not mean power, ignorance surely facilitates subjugation. So, the more we move towards a knowledge-based society, the better it is for humanity in the long run since education is everything. 


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