HBO to cut off HBO Now for Users outside US

HBO to cut off HBO Now for Users outside US


HBO Now has warned all the non paying customers of HBO Now to pay for the services or else there connection to the channel will be cut.

It all started with the Game of Thrones being the most pirated show online. Torrent sites have recorded millions of downloads for the show prior to the release of its latest season.

Season 5 that started few weeks earlier was made available to 70 countries worldwide through provision of the channel HBO Now. Although it might have been a good strategy against the pirating and HBO might have picked up on Netflix strategy but they could not handle it.

In truth HBO has a contract for channel provision with Foxtel. While US customers pay the company $45 per month to view the channel, the international users have been subscribing to watch the channel through the local virtual private networks (VPNs) to watch the channel. These users play equivalent of $14.99 per month package. 

All these VPN services and non customers of Foxtel have been approached by HBO with an email. These emails to the respective recipients warn them to pay for the channel via proper means otherwise their link will be disengaged. It mentions that HBO Now was for US customers only and it was against the Terms of Use to be receiving the channel. 

Some customers in Australia and New Zealand have taken to pay their respective amounts via iTunes through USiTunes card. HBO’s crackdown is opposite to Netflix who has given warning about geographical restrictions but it has never taken any action. It is looking to expand the network to 200 countries.

The co-founder and CO Reed Hastings actually was of the opinion to let the channel remain operational. In his opinion, the viewers were atleast paying for the channel instead of downloading it for free.

HBO took further steps by telling its anti-piracy partner IP-Echelon has this week sent DCMA notices to internet service providers asking them to contact subscribers who illegally downloaded the five Game of Thrones episodes that leaked onto torrent sites earlier this month.

They also gave Brooklyn bar, Videology a cease and desist order because the bar showcases new shows including Game of Thrones.


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