Here is why the Apple Watch is going to outrun its Android rivals

Here is why the Apple Watch is going to outrun its Android rivals

Whether it’s the design or the internals, Apple’s new gadget has everything which others in the market lack

Apple’s Spring Forward event has cleared out a lot of things for us as far as the Apple Watch is concerned and now that we are fully aware of what this new hot gadget has in store for us, we are pretty confident that it is easily going to leave behind its competitors, particularly the Android rivals.

In order of importance, there are five basic characteristics which make the Apple Watch stand out from the rest of the lot in the market;

1. Design

2. Apps

3. Force Touch

4. Apple Pay

5. Software 


Late comers are usually not worse off in all scenarios and Apple has surely benefitted from entering the market at this time as it got to learn from the mistakes of all other smartwatch manufacturers. One particular area that has benefitted a lot from this development is the design. Some of the early Android watches in the market are a total disaster and they clearly how manufacturers tried to rush things through in order to just jump into the smartwatch pool. Apple fortunately took its time and built something worth every single penny it claims. Its design is certainly fashioned in a way to meet all that competition and with a prominent touch of luxury, it outshines all others in the market.


We know for a fact that the iPhones and the iPads come with one of the best apps in the market and hence the Apple Watch wouldn’t be an exception. When it comes to apps, the Android Wear has done pretty well but it doesn’t guide its developers due to which they can’t focus on consistency.

Force Touch

This is Apple’s latest technology and one of the most prominent features which are going to set apart the Apple Watch from the rest of the pool. With this feature, the touch interface gets the ability to differentiate between a firm touch and a light touch. Consequently, different touches and swipes are going to bring about different actions.

Apple Pay

Though Apple Pay hasn’t been introduced at all retail establishments and devices, there is still a lot of scope for it and with the speed with which this method of payment is being adopted in the US, we can be sure that it is the future.


It’s not that we are here to blindly praise Apple but once we throw in the facts, you will be the better judge of things. As far as the Android Wear gadgets are concerned, there is a wide gap between a “gadget enthusiast” and “normal consumer” and a mass-market consumer would never be impressed with any of these gadgets. If you haven’t ever tried any other smartwatch before, you will probably feel lots of love pouring out from your hear for it but if you are aware of the market, you will probably not even want to look at these devices. The Apple Watch on the other side is a completely different story; thanks to the iOS, the UI of the watch is based on the familiar matrix and is very smooth. Add to this the built-in features like Health and Digital Touch and you have the perfect internals.




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