Here’s A Rugged Case Kit For The Apple Watch

Here's A Rugged Case Kit For The Apple Watch


A premium rugged case for the Apple Watch is on its way.

Third parties getting into straps and bands for the Apple Watch is one thing but not many of us had thought about any cases which most of us associate with smartphones and tablets. However, the protection of the expensive Apple smartwatches is something that all potential buyers are worried about. Regardless of how weird the idea sounds about having a protective case for the watch which is attached to your wrist, it remains an important factor to be considered that this luxury product should not be left unprotected.

The Apple Watch has a very practical side to it and then on the other hand it is also a luxurious looking time piece. So at one point you are using your smartwatch to track your fitness details while you sweat during workouts and on the other hand you wear this same watch on special occasions to impress others. Plus, we don’t think that covering smartwatches is going to remain an absurd idea for a long time because casing in smartphones has now become a mainstream ordeal. This is what the Epik Apple Watch Kit has been designed for. While all others are busy developing straps for the Apple Watch, Lunatik is working on its plans to create ruggedized cases for the watch when it releases in April.

The development process for this special case has been going on since the device was unveiled last year and the company is using a similar mechanism which had been patented to cover the iPod Nano when worn on the wrist. The idea is of a metal case which is going to protect the device without causing any hindrances in the usage of the device. While your watch is encased, you can still use the various controls and sensors on the watch.

There are a few pictures of this Epik Apple Watch Kit on the internet but they only show the prototype form and it is expected that these cases will make it to the market in approximately three months’ time after the Apple Watch reaches the market. The founder of the company, Scott Wilson, says that they had intended to test the market for this new accessory that goes with the Apple Watch with the help of a crowdfunding campaign. “Wearable technology is most relevant in situations where a phone interaction is not accessible or ideal. Sport, fitness and extreme conditions are a few of these occasions,” argues Wilson. “They also require more physically enhanced and purpose-built design to endure these extreme conditions.”


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