Hollywood is Gender Bias in Hiring Women Directors Claims ACLU

Hollywood is Gender Bias in Hiring Women Directors Claims ACLU

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Only 7 percent of 250 top-grossing film were directed by the women in 2014, findings suggest

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is terribly disappointed the way Hollywood has treated its women professionals in recent years. The organization has blamed Hollywood for being “gender bias” in terms of giving the responsibilities of the director to the women and asked for a federal and state level investigation to find out the reasons of “systematic failure” of not hiring women as directors in film and television industry. 

They have also compiled sufficient statistical evidences to prove their claim. The findings suggest that fewer women are working as directors today as compared to two decades ago. Only 7 percent of the 250 top-grossing films are directed by the women in 2014 which is 2 percent less than in 1998.

“Women directors aren’t working on an even playing field and aren’t getting fair opportunity to succeed” Ariela Migdal, a staff member of ACLU said. “Many of these women directors have been told that they can’t be trusted with money by studio executives. This isn’t just about stereotypes and implicit bias, it’s about blatant discrimination.”

According to New York Times, on Tuesday, ACLU sent letters to the respective organizations accompanied by detailed statistical and anecdotal records and evidences. The evidences include a study of University of Southern California that found only 1.9 percent top 100 grossing films in 2013 and 2014 were directed by women. A research conducted by Directors Guild of America suggests that only 14 percent of 220 television shows had women directors. Another study by the University of Southern California reveals it is a general perception in Hollywood that stories about or on women are more niche rather than mainstream and that is why they are considered less profitable. The letters also provide testimonials from several women directors, exemplifying bias attitude and reporting sexist practices.

ACLU demands agencies to investigate and find bias. Then take some serious kind of action if it is found in any case including filing legal charges to end these practices.

“The real change is needed to address this entrenched and long-running problem of discrimination against women directors. External investigations and oversight by government entities tasked with enforcing civil rights laws is necessary to effectuate this change.”


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