House of Cards Season 3 makes President a Little Human

House of Cards Season 3 makes President a Little Human

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  • ‘House of Cards’ gets major social media interest at the start of Season 3

House of Cards receive social media attention prior to its season 3 which premiered at Empire Cinema in Central London

House of Cards premiered in Central London at the Empire Cinema in attendance of numerous fans and the cast of the show. Kevin Spacey looked to be in high spirits especially since he won the Golden Globe for the series last month. 

House of Cards’ first season saw a good rating for the show and formed a great fan following. In its second season, the show entered a phase where it became a social media attraction. Social media has become an active source for fans to prove their devotion and love for the show. it is a normal trend for any show to have a major fan following in the first season of the show and then there’s a gradual decline in the fan bases in the following seasons. ListFirst Media has evaluated that this trend has gone in the opposite direction for House of Cards. Over the seasons, the fan base has increased rather than decreased for the show. 

ListFirst Media counts the fan base with the number of likes and the tweets about the show. There has been a trend seen especially for House of Cards. Prior to the premiere of the second season, 165,000 fans were added to the fandom. The statistics were admirable but they are increasing.

Compared to the second season, the third season has seen an increment of 334,000-fans. Reportedly, the fan numbers have spiked once Kevin Spacey won the Globe. Another yielding factor has been a Netflix leak of the shows episode. This little ‘leak’ spiked 30,000 more fans which amped to 742% increase from the day before. A tweet by a fan justified the leaks by saying that it was Washington and there had to be a leak. This tweet soon became one of the most popular tweet online. 

ListFirst has however made a point that the show’s search has declined over the seasons. Less people have searched about the show on online search engines like Wikipedia and Google and there is no guarantee that people who do search for the show actually tune in to watch it. 

The current trends however show that the fans are definitely eager to watch the show and it is a current hot topic on all social media sites.  


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