How to Get Away with Murder returns This Fall for Season 2

How to Get Away with Murder returns This Fall after Killer Season 1 Finale

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  • How to Get Away with Murder Returns This Fall for Season 2

The TV soap opera How to Get Away with Murder finale was shown to rapt audiences everywhere and a new promo for Season 2 had also been shown after closing credits of finale.

The new drama series How to Get Away with Murder got shown in its season finale. One of the really shocking things is that one of the characters is about to lose their life. Rebecca Sutter’s dead body was discovered. Frank in the show had killed Lila after asphyxiating her and then buried her body somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine.

Connor Walsh meanwhile found out that his electromagnetic boyfriend Oliver Hampton had full-blown AIDS. Jack Falahee is the man who is behind the Connor character. And Aja Naomi is Michaela Pratt.

Falahee let on that playing Connor was difficult since the issues he faced had to be realistically portrayed. He said that facts were facts and reality had to be explored for all it was worth.

Everyday dilemmas ought to be brought out into the light of day to show the world what they represented in real life. Knowledge was power and people needed to learn about the big bad world out there. 

On the show The Keating 5 are a handful of very vivacious law students who along with Viola Davis are involved in the ruthless killing of her hubby. Viola is honest and straightforward. She believes in giving, loving, caring and sharing. Not for a single moment does she show any selfishness or meanness of any kind.

As an empowered Black American, Viola Davis is a role model for the African American community. She lends meaning to the phrase “Black is Beautiful”. The show’s originator, Shonda Rhimes, has quite a few surprises up her sleeve. She is indeed a master of suspense and the art of the complete about face. In one episode Michaela pushes someone down the stairs.

It was a mindblowing scene and the “who done it?” value of the scene was totally out of this world. And while the usual violent scenes are aplenty in the show, there is also many a part where the men and the women get up close and personal.

The war of the sexes cools down and the opposites come together to neutralize each other in embraces, hugs and kisses. Especially, Connor is used to sexual seduction and manual manipulation in order to have his own way in things.  

While sexual innuendo does sometimes serve as a stock-in-trade for economic gain, it is only later on that the sleaziness of it all hits Connor in a full-blown manner. The guilt is only natural since despite modern times, mankind cannot do without the inner guiding light that is conscience.

Connor has both an angelic side and a demonic half. He is a strange amalgam of good and bad characteristics. It is morality which is at stake here. The chiaroscuro of sadness, badness and madness plays out in the shadow and light twilight state that is the dramatic series. The question regarding who killed Lila was revealed in the season finale to boot.

Wes thinks that his girlfriend Rebecca is the reason behind Lila’s death, but he used to think it was Viola Davis’ husband. Then there is Rudy. Rudy was staying in Wes’ flat. Rudy turned out to be an oddball character who had many foibles. For one thing he was not very stable on a mental level. The dude had lots of issues. There were signs all over the place that he had a few screws loose in his makeup. 

Lila meanwhile had called it quits with Rebecca the day before her death. The two had a row over a two timing lover named Griffin. There were many other twists and turns in the drama. These included Rebecca being tied with duct tape all over her body and mouth near Viola Davis’ office.

The finale ended with showing the world or rather the audience the real face of the killer. And, believe it or not, it was Frank. This character was played by Charlie Weber. The revelation of Lila’s murderer is somewhat of a shock.

Everybody had been on tenterhooks in order to know who the real killer was. It had gotten to the point where the issue was getting on everyone’s nerves. The machinations and mind boggling turnabouts of plot that got achieved in the drama by Shonda Rhimes is not just the result of clever thinking. It is a work of genius.

You do not normally have a single person churning out such good stuff. But in case of Shonda Rhimes it seems to be a one-woman show. Stay tuned for further episodes down the line which will have audiences hooked and hanging on for more. The soap opera is a wonderful one with words of wisdom buried in the plot. Anyone with half the wit will love it in its future episodes on TV.   

And at the end of 2 hours long finale of How to Get Away with Murder, ABC also aired a promo for Season 2 on Thursday. It means an ABC is official renewing the series as Viola Davis stated in promo that How to Get Away with Murder “returns this fall” for Season 2. See Viola’s Facebook announcement below.

Watch below How to Get Away with Murder Promo in which Viola Davis said, “We Will Back Next Season” .


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