HP 15-f059wm Laptop from Walmart is the best Black Friday 2014 Bargain Laptop

HP 15-f059wm Laptop from Walmart is the best Black Friday 2014 Bargain Laptop

  • HP 15-f059wm

Walmart offers the lowest priced fully featured laptop in Black Friday 2014 sales with the $159 HP 15-f059wm Laptop.

The Walmart Black Friday 2014 Ad has been released last week. One of the advertised deals is the already traditional bargain Black Friday laptop. How low did prices fall this year? Under $160. This amazing as the lowest prices last year was $177.99. So within a year Walmart drops the price on a laptop by almost $20. 

While Best Buy had the lowest priced Laptop last year edging out Walmart by 1c. This year Best Buy has not advertised a bargain laptop in the Best Buy Black Friday 2014 Ad. It looks like Best Buy has decided that they cannot do the $20 price drop.

Besides Walmart, Office Depot and OfficeMax offer a laptop for under $160 with the $159.99 Toshiba Satellite C55-B-5299 Laptop. The Office Depot and OfficeMax bargain laptop deal has though lower specifications when compared with the $159 Walmart Black Friday laptop deal.

The Walmart HP 15-f059wm laptop runs on the Intel Celeron N2830 CPU (2.15Ghz up to 2.41Ghz), 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD. This HP bargain laptop has a SuperMulti DVD Burner drive and Windows 8.1 is installed. 

The Toshiba Satellite C55-B-5299 Laptop runs also on the Intel Celeron N2830 CPU, it has though only 2GB RAM and no DVD drive. While some consumers might not need a DVD drive the small RAM configuration is a concern. 

Walmart is selling the HP 15-f059wm in a bundle deal with Mouse Case, USB stick and Anti-Virus software for $299 right now.

The $159 HP laptop goes on sale in the second Walmart Black Friday doorbuster wave at 8pm Thanksgiving Day. This is not a 1-Hour guarantee deal. Walmart will likely hand out wristbands for this deal prior to the start time.

See this Walmart Black Friday Deal.

One reason that prices of laptops fall this year are the new flash based Windows 8 laptops that sell for even under $100 on Black Friday. Staples offers the Asus X205TA-RHATMN01 Windows 8.1 laptop for $99.99 on Black Friday 2014.

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