HP Is Planning To Rule Over The 3D-printing World

HP is planning to rule over the 3D-printing world

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HP will announce its new set of 3D printing machines in June.

The CEO of HP, Meg Whitman, recently revealed that in June, the company will make an announcement regarding what’s in store for the 3D printing schemes devised for the future. They plan on increasing the lineup of the printing system outside of just the conventional office system. The new printing devices are aiming at getting rid of problems previously faced with HP 3D printers. Whitman compared the functioning of her company’s HP printers to watching ice melt and how painfully slow that process is. The new printers will not only have higher performing speed but will also produce better quality print-outs.

These new 3D printing machines are directed towards attracting business as opposed to individual consumers. HP has also suggested that it /4/work alongside service providers who will generate the 3D printing orders while HP will supply the machinery.

Within the next few months, the technology world will be updated on HP’s plans for its new printing devices. However one must keep in mind that HP also collaborated with Stratsys, a 3D printing company, a few years back. The contract was not one aimed at long term partnership, but who knows whether HP /4/repeat this in the future?

Source: PC World

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