Hulk Hogan Will Fight in WWE Raw on Monday

Hulk Hogan Will Fight in WWE Raw on Monday

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  • Hogan will be on WWE Raw on Monday
  • He could clash with John Cena
  • Recently called for removal of racial dress code in his restaurant

Hulk Hogan Will Fight in WWE Raw on Monday

After a long break from the fights, Hulk Hogan is set to make a comeback on Monday during WWE Raw. Though the wrestler has been retired for quite some time, any news about him has tongues wagging. It is not yet clear who Hogan will clash with. On the other hand, Inquisitr reported that the retired wrestler could be called in for marketing purposes.

WWE Raw will take place in Kansas City on Monday and it has been confirmed that Hogan will be among the invited guests. Most fans have been hoping that he will come in to give his wise counsel but contrary to our expectations, the legendary champion is coming to put someone in to their right place. John Cena has been cited by many as the ideal opponent. Media reports indicate that the former champion has been working out in readiness for his comeback.

This is not the first time for Hogan to return to WWE Raw. The star had made a similar appearance during the rolling out of breast cancer awareness campaign by Susan G. Komen. As a matter of fact, WWE has been very active in giving back to the community but as usual, their efforts go unnoticed.

Though a fight between Cena and Hogan would be awesome, there is no guarantee that the veteran champion will be able to cope with the vigor of the game. This is due to the fact that he will be 61 before entering the ring. Away from the ring, Dailymail has learned that Hogan has told the managers of his newly established restaurant in Florida to remove a dress code policy that was viewed by most patrons as racial.

The dress code stated that it was against the restaurant’s policy to show up in sagging trousers and suspended chains around the neck. The code was believed to be targeting blacks because they are the ones who are fond of wearing such outfits and jewelery. It seems Hulk wants people to be themselves while dining at his establishment. Perhaps he made the decision because no one bothers him for always wearing bandanas on his head and a crucifix on his neck that stretches over his chest.

Hogan’s son Nick Hogan has been deejaying at his fathers restaurant for some time. Nick was charged for reckless driving back in 2007 that resulted in his car bumping into a palm tree. The accident left his buddy, John Graziano, severely injured in the brain. The accident happened as Nick was taking his chance in a street race. The judge ordered Hogan’s family to compensate John’s family while Nick was made to serve a four year sentence on probation.

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