Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 is set to become This Year’s Biggest Film

Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 is set to become This Year’s Biggest Film

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The new Mockingjay movie is set to break records on its opening week and it was the most anticipated movie of 2014.

Hunger Games fans must be thrilled about the release of the new Mockingjay movie. This is the franchise’s third movie and this is going to be the most successful one. Exhibitors Relations is expecting the movie to do so good that they are tipping it to have the biggest opening of the year with $170 million at the US box office.

When we take a look back at other movies that had the biggest openings, we see that that the last Transformers movie made $100 million. A lot of people are expecting this movie to top the Transformers movie.

The last Hunger Games movie was also a big success because the movie made $158 million on its opening and then went on to earn a total of $865 million. This Mockingjay movie is going to have a bigger edge because there aren’t any major films that are going to be released in this week.

That is why people are expecting that the movie is going to touch the $170 million mark. Till the time Exodus: Gods and Men is released, the movie is expected to have earned $1 billion. Lionsgate is expecting a huge turnover this year as the movie is going to be released on Friday in 1,451 location in United States of America.

If the movie makes $160 million in its opening week, then this movie is going to be in the five best opening weekends of all time. Jeff Bock who is an analyst said that this movie isn’t in the top tiers of YA series but this movie is in the top tier series in all of filmdom.

The viewers should also keep this in mind that this is the Mockingjay part 1. So we are going to get another film from Lionsgate. People are going to see Jennifer Lawrence held at a rebel outpost in District 13.

The president of the Districts is looking to galvanize the remaining districts so that they can take over the capital city. We are going to see Katniss Everdeen rallying the rebels so that they can fight the president’s army. The script from the movie is absolutely marvelous and there are many fight scenes in this movie.

People will see that this is a movie that delivers on its premise fat too well. And this is exactly the reason why people are expecting it to break previous records. We are living in a time of great television and movies.

The actors and directors of our time are very hard working and they are truly talented. Many people who have seen the film are now saying that Jennifer Lawrence who is a truly talented actress has wasted her time with Hunger Games. They didn’t like the Mockingjay part 1. Liam Hemsworth was also very dull in the movie according to some critics. 

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