Intel Introduces 18k Gold Plated Smart Wearable MICA in Time for Christmas

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Intel Introduces 18k Gold Plated Smart Wearable MICA in Time for Christmas

Credit: Intel


Intel has taken the market by surprise by introducing a very fashionable and smart bracelet called “My Intelligent Communication Accessory” or MICA.

Recently all the tech companies are following the foot steps of Apple, they are taking people by surprise. At the beginning of this month Amazon surprised the audience by launching a new home device called “Echo.” Likewise, Intel has introduced a very smart and fashionable bracelet to amaze its consumers. The exact release date of the bracelet is not known, but rumor has it that it will be sold in the US in the coming few days. 

Intel and Opening Ceremony worked together in order to introduce this amazing and luxurious My Intelligent Communication Accessory (MICA). The sapphire decorated and gold plated bracelet will allow highly connected women to enjoy access to their Gmail notifications, Yelp, Facebook events, messages and Google Calendar. All their notifications will be delivered directly to their wrist and no longer do they have to worry about carrying their cell phone wherever they go. 

Intel MICA will be available in the United States and will retail exclusively at Opening Ceremony Lost Angeles and New York by early December. It will also be available online at and

The Vice President and General Manager for business development and strategy, the New Devices Group at Intel Corporation, Ayse Ildeniz said that the main reason behind Intel joining hands with Opening Ceremony was to introduce a distinctively stylish and wearable technology, a technology that keeps a balance between functionality and aesthetics. MICA has the ability to capture Intel’s philosophy that is technology should have the ability to enhance jewelry, thus creating more room for wearable technology

On the other hand the Co-founder and creative directors of Opening Ceremony, Humberto Leon said that the women of today are very particular about their accessories. They maintain exclusivity and selectivity when it comes to choosing their accessories and MICA has the ability to impress the women of today. In addition to this, he said that wearable technology is the new emerging and rapidly expanding category and the company is really excited to be a part of this race, a race that is an integration of fashion and technology. 

Likewise, senior executive vice president and chief operating officer, Barneys New York, Daniella Vitale said that everything that people do today is guided by the Mobile Technology. The main attraction for these wearable technologies is that it is difficult to carry your cell phone everywhere and many a times the device becomes cumbersome, according to Vitale. In addition to this she said that Intel and Opening Ceremony has come up with something very beautiful yet functional and everybody would be really excited to get their hands on this amazing bracelet. 

You can use the bracelet without charging it for two days and it is charged via a Micro-USB port. The price for this sizzling bracelet is set to be $495 and it will be available during the holiday season. So, don’t miss out your chance and buy this beautiful wearable whenever you can. 

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