iPad Air 2 Bending is More Impressive than iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate

iPad Air 2 Bending is More Impressive than iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate

Photo Credit: Marvin Macht


The Apple iPad Air 2 started shipping last week and of course people figured it is necessary to do the bend test like for the iPhone 6 Plus. Watch the video below to see what happens.

The iPhone 6 Plus fell victim to a bend test that went viral. The whole world smirked as Apple‘s newest flagship phone was quite easy to bend if you know where to push. Apple is priding itself with making their new generation iPad Air 2 the thinnest on the market. Of course someone would buy an iPad Air 2 just to try to destroy it. German Youtuber Marvin Macht was one of the first to try to bend the iPad Air 2. His video has gathered over 700,000 views and was published 3 days ago.

The iPad Air 2 bends. Not only does it bend, the bending is a spectacle. Watch the iPad Air 2 getting destroyed below. It keeps working until the very end.

Obviously this bend test of the iPad Air 2 is not scientific and we do not know how other tablets behave under the same test. I never had the feeling that my iPad 2 would be in danger of bending though.

The maker of the first iPhone 6 Plus bending video landed a viral Youtube hit. I just checked the stats on the Bendgate video and it now has a stunning 55 million views now. Watch it again below.

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