IPad Mini 3 Announcement Expected

iPad Mini 3 Announcement Expected

While everybody focuses on the new iPad Air 2, it is also very likely that Apple will update the iPad mini on Oct. 16.

Apple will host the iPad event next week on Oct. 16. Apple will again try to live stream the event. Let’s hope it will not be again a disaster like the iPhone 6 stream.

Besides the iPad Air 2, it is also rather logical that Apple will announce an updated iPad mini with Retina. Why? Because Apple will want to enable the iPad mini to use Apple Pay. For that the iPad Mini needs to get Touch ID. While they are at it, the iPad mini 3 will also get a new CPU.

Apple is likely killing the iPad mini without Retina Display. Expect huge discounts on the iPad mini from 3rd parties cleaning out their inventory this Black Friday (Don’t miss to enter our $5,000 Black Friday Giveaway)

The question is though if the expected updates are enough to make the iPad again sell this Holiday season. The competition of ultra low-cost tablets is huge and Amazon’s Fire Tablets are cheap and powerful. Amazon is likely the biggest competitor this Holiday season as they offer not only matching hardware but also the full content eco system.

The iPad is still considered the best tablet, but the price is steep and the differences are not that big anymore. So it would be advisable for Apple to surprise us next week with something unexpected for the new iPads.

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