iPhone 6 Bending hits Apple Stores

iPhone 6 Bending hits Apple Stores

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Reports appear that customers are visiting Apple Stores to try to bend the iPhone 6 Plus themselves.

We have reported from day one about the iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate. The whole thing got really a big PR nightmare for Apple. As said in this report, the iPhone 6 Plus can be bent if you put pressure on the right spot. Standardized tests like the one Consumer Reports did show that the iPhone 6 Plus is even sturdier than the iPhone 6.

A video from two British kids that had the idea to film themselves while they bend an iPhone 6 Plus in an Apple Store is putting the spotlight on customers taking bending to the Apple Store.

The kids retracted the video after realizing that breaking an iPhone that they do not own is not right and will likely have legal consequences if Apple pursues them. The kids apologize here. The video has already been mirrored. You can find it if you want to. We will not link to it here.

Here is another report of a guy walking into an Apple Store bending the iPhone 6. He wrote about his experience here. He says that many others tried it too in the store. Many did not find the weak-spot, but he did. 

I guess Apple Store employees have to replace all iPhone 6 Plus on the store floor each evening because they are all bent.

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