iPhone 6 Plus Changes The Way We Read and Browse

iPhone 6 Plus Changes The Way We Read and Browse

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Many iPhone users have been saying that since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus were launched, they had to change the way in which they used to read from their phones or used to watch some videos using their phone.

We all knew this time would come. A time when the smart phones were going to become so big, that we would have problems handling them. The iPhone users were complaining that the previous models were too small when their screens were compared to their competitors. And Apple previously told their customers that a smaller screen was better to use when their competitors were making bigger screens.

Now they have decided to make big phones and we saw that with their release of their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Now the new iPhone models have changed the way the users used to look at their phones. Users that had the iPhone 5 or 5s, were given the new iPhone models and their reactions were calculated once they used the new models with the bigger screens.

Statistics were built and it was found that whenever iOS users think of getting some information, 55% of them would use their iPhone and 45% would use their iPads. Whereas when it came to the Android users, 80% were willing to get that information using their phones whereas 20% wanted to use their tablets.

The bigger iPhone 6 and 6 plus were introduced to the iPhone users and it was found that the previous 55% had now grown to 72%. So this means if you have a bigger screen, then you are most likely to be reading from it and watching it. It was also observed that whenever the users that owned an iPhone 5/5s, came across an article, they wouldn’t open it because of the small size of the screen.

But now the iPhone 6 users were seen opening more articles on their phones. Another thing that got Apple worried was that when their users were handed the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus, they immediately stopped using their iPads.

iPad and iPhone are basically the same thing and the only difference between them is the screen size. Now the users have a bigger screen and that is why they don’t think they need to waste their time opening their iPads.

This strategy might affect their iPad sales in the future as people would be leaning towards their new iPhones. It was also found that if you have a bigger screen, then you are more likely to view videos on your phone.

People used to carry their iPads with them in the past but now with the bigger iPhones, they are leaving their iPads at home. Many people are starting to lean towards the iPhone 6 as many people have complained that having your iPhone 6 plus in your pocket, bends the phone a little and this was a major defect in the 6 plus.

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