iPhone 7 to come with a Flexible OLED Display

iPhone 7 to come with a Flexible OLED Display

USPTO via TheMoltyFool
  • iPhone 7 Rumor leads to Speculation

A rumor regarding the flexible OLED display of the iPhone 7 led to speculation among consumers.

It’s coming at you…so you better be aware of its specs! The iPhone 7 (which is yet to come) has all the power of Apple Incorporated behind it. And it has got the propaganda machine running in its usual modus operandi.

The various rumors just won’t stop and they have caused a series of sub-rumors to get generated in turn. The Universal Display Corporation makes regular profits by selling its OLED patents to companies.

Currently, its biggest buyers are Samsung and LG. It was only natural that UDC has its eyes set on Apple too. But it met with a stiff upper lip every time it approached the Cupertino based giant.

The new Apple Watch will have LG supply the OLED screens. Nevertheless, this time around something different is happening. Apple supposedly asked its partners – Foxconn and Innolux – to manufacture OLED displays for its new products which are about to arrive on the scene.

The two companies are rumored to be investing well over $2.6 billion in the making of OLED displays. It seems for the moment that the major customer is none other than Apple. 

The OLED screens for next year and the year after that are what the deal is all about. The new smart phone with 400 pixels per inch will have this facility. The yet-to-come iPhone 7 will probably feature such technology.

And Apple will most certainly be concentrating on flexible OLED displays. Flexible electronic gadgets are definitely the wave of the future. Yet the whole scheme is still under wraps and as usual Apple likes to keep matters hushed up for the mystique it will generate.

Apple /4/be acquiring OLED display technology just to prevent other influential companies from gaining points in the electronics game. Both Samsung and LG have their eyes set on OLED screens as a fundamental part of their products in the future.

But it is here that Apple has entered the equation as the big hombre that will not let others have their way. And even if both Samsung and LG manage to get hold of OLED technology, Apple will do likewise just to be on a par with them.

Apple has many cards up its sleeve. That is because it still follows the same philosophy of gambling for its future. The company that wants to make a dent in the universe and stay lean and hungry as per Steve Jobs’ philosophy of thinking differently, is probably all set to use flexible OLED displays in its iPhone 7 sets in 2016 and 2017. 

Source: TheMoltyFool

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