ISIS Beheading of Peter Kassig Dubbed Pure Evil by Obama

ISIS Beheading of Peter Kassig Dubbed Pure Evil by Obama

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The recent beheading of Peter Kassig by the terrorist organization ISIS was dubbed as pure evil by President Obama.

The American aid expert and erstwhile soldier Peter Kassig was beheaded by members of the nefarious and terrorist firm ISIS in the Middle East. This was known to be a fact only hours after a video clip entered cyberspace showing the brutal beheading. ISIS had taken Kassig as a hostage and had made demands in return for his life. But after negotiations failed he was butchered in the most cold-blooded manner possible before the eyes of the entire world.

However, Kassig’s image is not very clear in the short visual clip. In fact you can barely make out its contours and recognize him. President Obama was furious at the beheading and said that the hero was abducted from his country and had been the victim of a very inhuman plot by this group of sick individuals. 

According to CNN, Kassig had changed his religion while in captivity. He had converted to Islam or so it seemed. And his new name which the organization had given him was Abdul-Rahman Kassig. Kassig had entered the Middle East imbroglio as a soldier. And later on he had also worked as a medical expert since he wanted to help those wounded in the war.

While engaged in altruistic activities in Syria he was taken as a hostage by ISIS. The poor man was kept for a year under strict quarantine. His parents Ed and Paula have expressed their sorrow at the loss of their son. He had unstintingly worked hard for the sake of the Syrian people and had ended up losing his life in the process.

It was a great tragedy indeed. All their son wanted was to help others be they Christians, Muslims or Jews. But he had paid a very heavy price in the final countdown. His parents also released an audio clip of their son speaking about his life in captivity. Peter Kassig said in this audio recording that he had seen that his people had never really helped the poor and suffering people in the Middle East.

So he was trying to compensate in his own way. His basic message to the Americans was to change their attitude towards Arabs and the people of the Middle East. That was the only means of reaching a rapprochement and peace in the troubled region.

Peter’s parents furthermore said their prayers were with all the other journalists who had been taken hostage by ISIS and beheaded. It was so sad a fact that it cannot be mentioned in words. On both sides it was human beings that were being killed in the name of creeds and this was simply wrong.

Their son had been a good man and he had tried to help the wounded people of war-torn Syria in his own way. The sheer inhumanity and nerve of the group known as ISIS proved once and for all the banality of evil in the manner in which Hannah Arendt wrote about years ago.

The man who beheaded Peter was the same man with the clipped British accent who had been responsible for previous beheadings. Peter does not let out a single syllable during the 16 minute span of the video and as for the executioner, he taunts Obama by saying that he will need to send in more troops to save the people from ISIS. And the gory details of the video are best left unsaid.

It is a horrific scene to watch indeed. The utter savagery of the act is emetic in its horrible ways. The beheader also mentions that he is in Dabiq in the Aleppo province of Syria. This is the fifth time in a row that ISIS has committed such a brutal beheading and it has provoked President Obama to term the organization as a purely evil one that deserves no mercy whatsoever.

John Kerry lauded Kassig’s bravery and staunch loyalty to humanitarianism. He said that he was an ideal human being who had risked his life by going into the troubled region to help a brutalized humanity. Kassig was not the sort of person who was satisfied by superficial things. He wanted more satisfaction from life. And that meant living for others and fighting to feed the famished. The man was a dynamo who had always worked tirelessly to provide succor and sustenance to strangers. 

According to Reuters, the terrorists had called President Obama a canine of the Roman Empire. And they had threatened to kill all the soldiers of the enemy whether they belonged to Bashar Al-Assad or the USA. Obama however dismissed their spiel by saying that they were surely not Muslims since their actions refuted any such claim and he also said that their hostage was a better Muslim then they were. 

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